Five Years of Artefacts
Oblivious Artefacts – Stroboscopic Artefacts
Opening March 5th, 7 pm
Exhibition March 6th – April 16th

Oblivious Artefacts and Stroboscopic Artefacts celebrate their five-year collaboration with an exhibition.

OA is a visual art collective working mainly in Rome, Palermo and Berlin. Founded by Ignazio Mortellaro in 2009, OA works closely with a number of artists (Marco Morici, José Florentino, Rosanna Costantino, Glauco Marino) and has activated multiple projects, which include dancers, video makers, graphic designers, and musicians.

SA was founded contemporarily by Luca Mortellaro, prominently known as Lucy, as an electronic music record label based in Berlin. The black-and-white floral motifs, which grace the center of both SA and Monad series records, emphasizes music as a messenger of organic evolution, hinting at a fixation on growth and on the process of ‘blooming’. This maturation is seen as an incessant accretion of new ideas and new formal elements that must transcend any self-limiting expectations of genres or cliques.

During the past five years Stroboscopic and Oblivious Artefacts have developed and sustained their visual identity, whilst inviting SA artists to design sound for a number of their installations. This synergy revealed itself as a cross-pollinating process that preserves the vision of the label to progress not only in the musical genre but also in the art world equally, determination to live a growth-oriented life and to accompany others in their personal quests towards the same.