Loud Neighbor ‘Interference Pattern’ Album & Video Presentation

Friday February 2nd 2018, 19:00

Loud Neighbor “Interference Pattern” Album & Video Presentation

Video Installation runs until February 24.

Loud Neighbor’s second album, Interference Pattern comes to planet Earth on Detroit Underground.

With a strict improvisational, hardware only way of doing things, LN approached the production of Interference Pattern the same way as their live performance. The result is wide-ranging collection of electronic sounds, dense atmospheres and broken beats that evoke the past while aiming to the future. Inspired by the Holographic Principle, Interference Pattern reflects over the limits of human perception, both in sound and vision.

On Friday, February 2nd, you are invited to an Album-Preview and Video Art Installation Happening, which will take place at Echo Echo in Berlin [Wedding].

Loud Neighbor will perform a live set accompanied by visuals from the hands of Marmor. Loud Neighbor & Marmor’s video for the title track, Interference Pattern, will debut in the space, along with a series of videos by the gear-loving duo and an interactive piece by Marmor. Detroit Underground’s Dinamite will welcome us into the space with a special DJ set, so don’t be late. Friday, February 2nd, 19 – 22 hrs at Echo Echo.

The album officially drops on February 21st, both on cassette and zeros & ones, worldwide. Come get a sneak peak, take a closer look at order.

Drinks can be purchased at the bar. Free entry event for all ages.

Loud Neighbor [Detroit Underground] / http://loudneighbor.net/
Dinamite [Detroit Underground/Affin] / http://dinamitemusic.com/
Marmor Uknow / http://marmoryouknow.blogspot.com/
Echo Buecher / http://echobuecher.com/
DETROIT UNDERGROUND / http://detroitunderground.net/

album art by Loud Neighbor & Marmor